This is a gallery of our talented customer knits.

All photos are sent in by our lovely customers, so you can see how our yarn knits and crochets up.

4ply Merino Twist

4ply High Twist Merino, Colourway, Grandma's Rhubarb

4ply Merino Twist, Colourway, Crowded House

4ply Merino Twist, Colourway: Gypsy Rose

4ply High Twist Merino


DK Wool, Pippy Hunting

4ply Merino, Silk, Nylon

Cowl below - 4ply Merino Twist "Crowded House '19'" 

Milo below - DK Wool 'Rainbeau'

Assana Wrap - 4ply High Twist Merino