This is a gallery of our talented customer knits.

All photos are sent in by our lovely customers, so you can see how our yarn knits and crochets up.


Colourway: Burnt Gold, Yarn: 4ply High Twist Merino

Pattern: Lockdown Blues, Colourway: OOAK 4ply Merino

Yarn: 4ply Merino Twist

Yarn: 4ply High Twist Merino, Colourway: Grandma's Rhubarb

Yarn: 4ply Merino Twist, Colourway: Crowded House

Yarn: 4ply Merino Twist, Colourway: Gypsy Rose

Yarn: 4ply High Twist Merino


Yarn: DK Wool, Colourway: Pippy Hunting

Yarn: 4ply Merino Twist, Colourway: Crowded House '19'" 

Yarn: DK Wool, Colourway: Rainbeau, Pattern: Milo

Yarn: 4ply High Twist Merino, Pattern: Assana Wrap