Shipping costs are calculated during checkout. In "Your cart" you will see written underneath Subtotal "Shipping and taxes are calculated at checkout". Don't freak out about taxes! All my prices are tax inclusive.

After you have put your information in, you will be taken to the shipping section of checkout. Seeing "Shipping method" This is automatically in order of the cheapest option to the most expensive, so DEFAULTS to PICK UP ONLY, CHRISTCHURCH which is free.

It is really important that you read this and don't skim over it. You need to select the correct shipping for your delivery address.

The next step is payment, so if you have got this far and missed shipping you need to go back one step. If you select pick up I will presume you are in Christchurch or coming and able to pick up. If you are not, shipping will be charged as it should have been during the checkout process.

Please see the images attached if you are a visual person.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.